The Institute of History, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague Czech geographical society

Conference Instructions

Language: The entire conference is held in English.

Presenters: have to arrive at the appropriate room five minutes before the session is due to start; upload their presentations onto the PC (LCD projector and PC with MS Powerpoint will be available); introduce themselves to other presenters and the chair; provide the chair with some of their biographical details for use in introducing. There will be at least 15 minutes reserved for every individual presentation in each session. However, the chair tells you at the beginning of the session how long your presentation can last.

The Chair: has to be very strict in terms of time management so that each presenter has an equal amount of time. The chair must ensure there will be at least 15 minutes reserved for every individual presentation. The chair must ensure that at least 30 minutes of the session are left for discussion. The structure of questioning, i.e. after each paper or at the end of the session, will be determined by the chair and may vary from session to session. However, short discussion after each presentation is recommended. During your presentation, the session chair will help you with time management using YELLOW card indicating that your time allocation is coming to an end. If you are shown the RED card, this means your time is over and you should stop your presentation.