The Institute of History, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague

About project

The Historical Geography Research Centre

Excellence grant project of Czech Science Foundation

Project ID: P410/12/G113

Project holder: The Institute of History, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague

Main project researcher: prof. PhDr. Eva Semotanová, DrSc.

Project co-holder: Faculty of Science, Charles University, Prague

Project co-researcher: doc. RNDr. Pavel Chromý, Ph.D.

The project further develops research undertaken at the Institute of History, CAS and the Faculty of Science, Charles University.

The aim is to develop a joint institutional platform for research in historical geography and to strengthen the international comparability of publication activities.

Within the research, emphasis will be placed on:

1. theoretical-methodological issues development of the approaches used in Czech HG in the European and global context with an emphasis on the new HG

2. regions development of settlement systems, sociogeographic, administrative, economic regions, the processes of their formation/change, the process of spatial polarization, changes in borders, and problematic areas

3. towns position of towns in the sociogeographic system, the interpretation and explanation of changes in their external position and internal structures

4. landscape landscape changes, their explanation and interpretation

5. heritage and territorial identity meaning of heritage, the role of heritage in formation of identities and local/regional development

SEMOTANOVÁ, E.; CHROMÝ, P.; SEMIAN, M.; KUČERA, Z. (2016): Historical Geography Research Centre. Science Around Us. What is it… The Centre of Administration and Operation CAS, v. v. i., Prague, 15 p.