The Institute of History, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague

Klaudyán Journal

Internet Journal of Historical Geography and Environmental History

Internet journal Klaudyán is being issued at the server of the Faculty of Science of the Charles University in Prague with support of the Department of Human Geography and Regional Development.

Klaudyán as a transdisciplinary journal publishes articles on all aspects of historical geography, environmental history and cognate fields (e.g. landscape ecology, eco-politics, history of sciences and environmentalism in particular), book reviews and annotations, reports from different events in the scholar community etc., and encourages also a lively discussion of methodological and conceptual issues. 

Klaudyán was founded by Jiří Martínek as a private magazine in 2000. Since its 4th volume (2007), its publication is provided by the Section for Historical Geography and Environmental History of Czech Geographical Society (CGS). 

Issuing of the journal is also an expression of the effort for strengthening the research communities of historical geography and environmental history, and their cooperation in Czechia. The effort is put also on intensifying the collaboration with the “historical” branch of the Czech historical geography represented by the Committee for Historical Geography within the Institute of History of the AS CR, v.v.i. 

Within the cooperation with the International Advisory Board of Klaudyán and the European Society for Environmental History Board the journal strives for more profound inclusion of Czech researchers into the international community. One of the measures leading to this ambition is the multilingualism of the journal, especially in the section “Studies and Articles”. Klaudyán also aspires to serve as media-base of the CGS Section for Historical Geography and Environmental History as well as a helping hand of the ESEH regional representative for Czechia and Slovakia. 

This journal was named after a Czech physician, who lived in the city of Mladá Boleslav and was an author of the first known map of the Kingdom of Bohemia printed in 1518.

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