The Institute of History, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague

Historical Geography Journal

The journal Historical Geography presents historical geography as a field with a broad spectrum of themes, methods and sources. It follows the new ideas and perspectives of historical-geographical research and the ongoing projects of historical geography. It has been issued since 1 January 1968. The conception of historical-geographical research and the contents of the journal Historical Geography have been changing as modern sciences and its methods have changed. Despite that, the journal remains faithful to several main problem areas: historical geography of residences and the population, economic historical geography, the territorial development of the Czech lands, physical-geographical historical geography, history of cartography, historical cartography, the historical geography of culture and most recently environmental history. The listed themes are complemented, for instance, by theoretical, methodological and terminological works, chapters from selected bachelor’s master’s or doctoral theses, and so on. Since its 30th issue (1999), Historical Geography has been a peer-reviewed journal; since 2008, it has been included in the “List of Peer-Reviewed Non-Impact Periodicals published in the Czech Republic”.

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